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Custom Wallpaper Sheffield

Custom wallpaper by Wall-a-tac is a revolutionary self-adhesive fabric that is used in place of wallpaper for indoor applications. Due to its water resistant adhesive and front film, it can be used in areas of high moisture indoors such as bathrooms, spa rooms and swimming pools. Normal indoor uses for peelable wallpaper are in the home as a wall covering, commercial wall covering and other retail designs.

Images for your wallpaper print

It is often surprising to most people who have a digital camera just how good the majority of pictures are and how much they can be enlarged without distortion.
Some people like old black and white pictures enlarged for their walls and these tend to have lots of pixels or dots in them when viewed close up. However, if they are viewed at a distance the imperfections are acceptable.

Wallpaper Images ( bitmaps / photos )
The general rule of thumb for printing is, that the minimum dpi of a image should be at least 300 as the quality of an image degrades when increasing physical size.
For an example:
For every 100% increase in size the resolution of the image will decrease by a factor of 50%.
A 500mm x 500mm image at 300dpi will reduce to 150dpi at a size of 1000mm x 1000mm
Please note that the artwork should not drop below 72dpi at full size

When sending bitmap files, 25% of the final production size at 300dpi is the recommended size and scale, bigger the better!

If possible vectored files are preferred for abstract wallpaper designs. With vectors resolution and scale does not matter, only the proportions are of a concern.

If you would like a quote for anything other than our standard product or if you are unsure of anything, please contact us on 01246 573888. E mail to or use the contact form.

Resources For Your Custom Wallpaper

If you do not have a picture of your own for your Wall-a-Tac designer wallpaper but know what sort of thing you are looking for, there are a number of commercial photo libraries that supply you with an image. They nearly all take a small charge.

These include.

IstockIngramGetty ImagesDreamstime