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Custom Wallpaper FAQ

How sticky is it?

Quite sticky - bit like a post it note. Wall-a-Tac peelable wallpaper will adhere to almost any non porous surface including painted and dust free brickwork.

How long will it last? Is this a permanent decoration or just something temporary?

We know from our many years of experience of using different types of inks and media that our wallpaper will last for several years indoors and will fade slowly only if it is exposed to sunlight. The back will stick to a non- porous surface provided water is not allowed to contact the self-adhesive backing. One of the key benefits of Wall-a-Tac custom wallpaper is that it can be re-used and re-positioned without leaving a mark on the wall so it can really be as temporary or as permanent as you like.

How easy is it to put on a wall?

Smaller sized images are very, very easy to put up. The material is flexible and very forgiving. Any wrinkles are easily smoothed out. For larger images - especially those supplied in rolls to put up as wallpaper, some basic DIY wallpapering experience would help. However we have tested this with people who have not done it before and provided they follow the instructions in our manual exactly, they will find it quite easy and very satisfying.

If it is a big image and comes in rolls, is each seam butt jointed or overlapped?

We think you get a better finish if the rolls are butt jointed rather than overlapped but it does depend on the complexity and density of your image. If you do overlap joints, however, do make sure that you overlap away from the source of light to reduce shadow.

How do I allow for overlap when telling you what size to print?

You tell us the exact size of the space and we will allow for overlap.

How do I make sure that the wallpaper fits my wall exactly?

Again, you tell us the exact size of the space and we will allow for overlap and trimming.

How do I cut the wallpaper to fit on top of the skirting board?

Just like wallpaper. Score the line along the top and cut with scissors. We do not recommend using a knife.

How do I cut the image to fit exactly to the top of my ceiling?

Same as above.

Does your peelable wallaper have any borders? My image is only for half a wall and I want to edge it with something?

We don't yet but we are developing some standard border images. You could let us know what you want on your borders and we will make that for you.

Can I become an agent and re-sell Wall-a-tac in my local area?

Yes - Most business people will want to see a demonstration of Wall-a-Tac custom wallpaper and prefer to buy from a person rather than on line. For this reason we have set up an agent network and you can make a very useful part time or full time income from your work as a Wall-a-Tac agent. Take a look at our prospectus.