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Custom Wallpaper For Your Client

Peelable Wallpaper For Your Client

Peelable wallpaper from Wall-a-Tac gives you the ultimate opportunity to bring your creative and design skills to fruition and give your clients something distinctly different. You can specify almost any image of any size for any non-porous flat surfaces - even breezeblock - to completely change the mood of any room or space.
From custom posters to designer wallpaper, printed in strips for easy application, your digital images are printed on self-adhesive, tear free and wrinkle free fabric based media that is used in place of wallpaper for indoor applications. Completely paste free, our peelable wallpaper's low tack adhesive means that your image can be easily repositioned or re-used and it doesn't leave any residue. Because it is waterproof, Wall-a-Tac custom wallpaper is suitable for humid applications.

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Handy installation manual...

Wall-a-Tac custom wallpaper is so easy to use but sometimes we can all benefit from the experience of others which is why we have produced this handy guide to hanging your peelable wallpaper and posters in a variety of situations and surfaces. Where to start, fitting around light switches and electrical sockets, trimming to the ceiling and skirting boards are amongst the many top tips. Available as a video or a pdf.

Use Custom Wallpaper

for Permanent or temporary bespoke digital images posters, wallpaper, signs, notices and backdrops.

Large spaces - company reception areas
Small spaces - exclusive dining rooms
Public places - libraries and galleries
Private places - residential care homes

Tell us where you stuck it
We have a growing list of places where people have either used Wall-a-Tac custom wallpaper or plan to use it. Click here to see the list and then add your application or ideas to enter our monthly competition. Every month we select the best idea submitted in that month and the winner can choose either….. free wallpaper or wine.