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Business Wallpaper For Your Office

Office Wallpaper Providing custom wallpaper from corporate reception areas to the back room in a pub and from motivational posters to café menus, Wall-a-Tac business wallpaper gives you a dimension to your business that will be appreciated by customers, visitors and staff. You can have any image or any design - just send us the file and we'll print it for your office or workplace. Re-positionable, re-usable and completely paste free, peelable wallpaper leaves no residue and no mess - ideal for frequently changing information. Use it to re-enforce your brand, reach people with a message or just because you can.
Office Wallpaper Business Wallpaper custom wallpaper peelable wallpaper Office Wallpaper Business Wallpaper custom wallpaper peelable wallpaper Office Wallpaper
Handy Wallpaper Installation manual...

Wall-a-Tac peelable wallpaper is so easy to use but sometimes we can all benefit from the experience of others which is why we have produced this handy guide to hanging your customer wallpaper and posters in a variety of situations and surfaces. Where to start, fitting around light switches and electrical sockets, trimming to the ceiling and skirting boards are amongst the many top tips. Available as a video or a pdf.

Use Wall-a-Tac custom wallpaper for
Creating impact in your reception area
Inspiration in conference and training rooms
Motivational messages
Nostalgic images in cafes and restaurants
Menu boards and price lists

Tell us where you stuck it
We have a growing list of places where people have either used Wall-a-Tac business wallpaper or plan to use it. Click here to see the list and then add your application or ideas to enter our monthly competition. Every month we select the best idea submitted in that month and the winner can choose either….. free custom wallpaper or wine.