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Custom Wallpaper - About Wall-A-Tac

We have been producing peelable wallpaper for over 20 years, for both business wallpaper and domestic customers all over the UK.

Using the very latest technology for our custom wallpaper, we print photo realistic images onto low tack self adhesive fabric based peelable wallpaper which can be produced to any size and some different shapes. This is probably the easiest material that we have ever had to work with. It doesn’t tear, it stretches and then regains shape, is easily applied, repositioned and removed and all without leaving any marks. This makes it ideal for office wallpaper, other business wallpaper or for anywhere in the home.

There is really no limit to the application of this exciting combination - custom wallpaper, expertly printed onto high quality material – too many to list here but please take a look at our gallery to see how our customers have used our designer wallpaper. Our business page shows how customers have used our office wallpaper, and For your home gives some ideas on how custom wallpaper can be used to add something unique to your home.

What our customers say about our custom wallpapers
"A view in a room - I'll be back for more"

Last year we went to stay with relatives in Australia and one of our lasting memories is of the Sydney harbour bridge and opera house. We took lots of pictures of it and when we heard about Wall-a-Tac decided that we could have one of our pictures on the whole wall of our recreation room. Unfortunately the quality of our photos was not quite up to the mark but we found an image on the internet from iPhoto stock and bought that for a few pounds. Wall-a-Tac produced our image in eight rolls of wallpaper and all were numbered to help us to know the order to hang them in. It was so easy to put up and the whole wall was finished in less than two hours. The effect is stunning and I have enclosed a photograph. Thank you I'll be back for more soon.

Justin Hines

"A Room with a view - It looks Great"

We took over the Golden Lion here in Port Isaac at the end of 2010 and started work to create more seating for diners in a disused upstairs room. The team worked hard and towards the end of the decorating stage we were looking for a feature for the wall nearest to the picturesque harbour. (Port Isaac is the village featured in the Doc Martin series). We heard about Wall-a-Tac and that was a bit of a eureka moment for us. We now have an image of the harbour from the 1800's on the wall and through the window is the real thing. We asked our painter and decorator to put it up for us and it didn't take him very long. Great service and great product - we are delighted.

The Golden Lion, Port Isaac

"So Quick and Easy"

We recently refitted our kitchen showroom and one of our customers introduced us to Wall-a-Tac to incorporate in the design. The hardest part for us was choosing an image but once we had done that the rest was easy. The Wall-a-Tac people went to work and within a few days we had our chosen image incorporated within the new display. We just peeled of the backing sheet and rolled it into position. It was all very easy. We now offer Wall-a-Tac to our customers as part of the overall design and one has just used a favourite picture on their centre island.

Kitchen World Sheffield